Anonymous asked: I LOVE your We Will Shear You set but I'm about 99% sure that it's supposed to be "fleece", not "fleas"

ah well cant get them all right, I just fixed it there. :)

"Pick any song. Just put sheep words to it"

Actually, screw it, send us in a few requests there. Can’t be bothered with anymore college work. :)

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shirewalker asked: Hey there! Where have you been? Your awesome blog has been dormant for months now D: Just passing by to make sure everything's ok.

I know, shocking really. But, hopefully I will be back within the next two weeks! :)

berberisse asked: I absolutely love this blog. It has all the things I've ever wanted. Thank you so much and keep on good work :)

Thank you, shall be back soon with a few new posts! :)

scheherazadesnights asked: 10th Kindgom blog! INSTAFOLLOW.

Woo, thank you! :)

Right guys, either this weekend or the next I shall be back! Drowning in college work at the minute!